Career Pathway & CPD Grant Application 2021/2022

Closed 19 Dec 2021

Opened 11 Nov 2021


In October 2021, Staffordshire County Council consulted around an initiative to provide grant funding for a Workforce Development and Qualification Learning Programme.  This followed on from focus group meetings with Council's provider partners.

Providers’ requirements included a defined career pathway for new starters, continuous personal development for existing carers and wellbeing support, as some of the priority areas to focus on during these challenging recruitment conditions. It was determined that this, and other initiatives, would support the recruitment and retention of staff within the Adult Social Care Sector.

Staffordshire County Council has committed to providing £235,000 grant funding for Workforce Development Qualification & Learning Programmes and these will commence in January 2022. 

The application stage that now follows is in support of enhancing recruitment and retention activities.  Managers are now requested to nominate appropriate employees. 

Please note the link below should be sent by you, to your nominated employee, to complete (online applications will take around one hour to complete).  All applications received in this manner will be deemed to have been authorised by the line manager.  This is the evidence that a discussion has taken place between both parties. 

A further grant funding condition is for the Organisation to have an ASC_WDS membership.  Further information is in the link below.  Creating an account only takes a few minutes.

Discover the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (

Line managers are requested to identify, via their ongoing employee development information, members of their team who will benefit from the qualifications and learning Workforce Development Qualification & Learning Programme | Staffordshire Connects

The amount of funding is finite and shortlisting is anticipated.  Please be realistic approaching the correct balance between the caring needs of  the people you support and the workforce development needs of your staff.  That being said, multiple applications will be welcomed, and it is the responsibility of the nominating line manager to consider the above.

Applications must be completed on line, by the appropriate employee(s) using this platform.  The application form is broken down into five parts:

  • Part 1 - Personal Details
  • Part 2 - Accredited Education & Training
  • Part 3 - Relevant Experience
  • Part 4 - Personal Statement
  • Part 5 - Endorsement & Signature

The requirement is for the nominated employee to complete the above sections; where more than one employee is nominated, the line manager will email separate links to their employees.    

Shortlisting will include a quality assessment of the content and completion of all fields; incomplete data will result in the rejection of the application.


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