Adult Social Care Appointee Service - Change Proposal

Closed 31 May 2019

Opened 7 Mar 2019


Staffordshire County Council currently provides an appointeeship service for over 400 people who require support to manage their benefits and do not have a family member or other person to help them.

This is a 'discretionary' service which means the county council is not legally required to provide it.  However, the county council wants to continue the service, but will need to make several changes to make it sustainable.

The county council wanted to hear people’s views on suggestions to make the service sustainable through a period of consultation.

What were the changes being suggested in the consultation?

Administration Fee

A weekly fee for the administration of an appointee account of between £5 and £7.50 per week.  Only those with over £1000 in their benefits account, when the fee is due, will be charged. This helps to cover the cost of providing the service.

Pre-payment cards

The issue of pre-payment cards with which service users can draw their personal benefit allowances from cash machines, post offices or banks, or purchase goods or services in shops and restaurants instead of collecting cash from council offices.  This means that clients will not have to travel to a council office to collect their benefits.  Pre-payment cards also provide more choice and control to the client about how they spend their money.


From now on people will only be eligible for the service if they meet specific criteria.  People who do not meet the criteria will be supported to find an alternative provider to help manage their benefits.

This consultation is now closed. 

Thank you for telling us what you think about the proposals, how they could impact on you and whether you think we could do things differently before a decision is made.    

How we will use your feedback

Your feedback will be used to inform a final decision and implementation of any changes.  We will share a summary of the feedback soon.


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