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Closes 30 Jun 2022


Did you know that nearly half of the adult population struggles with number skills?  Getting a bit of number nausea is really common.  A lot of people, even those in ‘high-powered’ jobs, admit that they don’t feel as confident as they want to be when working with numbers.  Although many of us put our head in the sand, we use numbers everyday of our lives. 

The government is funding a new programme called Multiply so that we can offer you the help you need with Maths skills.  So, whether you want to get on in work, do better at budgeting or just be able to help with your child’s maths homework, Multiply will be able to help you, from modules that you can dip in and out of, right up to helping you get a more formal qualification.

There’s no such thing as being bad at maths – it’s a skill everyone can learn.  Many people have had a bad experience that sticks and just gets worse over time.  But confidence is key.  Just being a bit more confident goes a long way, even if you already have a qualification.

By taking part in this two minute survey, you’re helping us to understand what could help people improve their numeracy skills, and what will motivate them to do it. Thank you for your time in reducing Staffordshire’s Number Nausea!

For information on your data and our Privacy Statement please see the Related Information section below.

Related information

Your data - What data are we collecting?

  • Your name
  • Your employment status
  • Your views about numeracy/Maths skills and learning
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Why are we collecting this data?

Staffordshire County Council is receiving a grant from the government to increase the numeracy skills of the adult population in Staffordshire. We are collecting data to help understand what would be helpful to people  - in terms of training, and online platform, confidence boosters etc, and to keep in touch with people to tell them about the opportunities available.

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