Numeracy survey

Closed 30 Jun 2022

Opened 17 May 2022


You're not alone if you hate maths or think you're not 'a maths person'.  49% of adults feel the same! 

But actually there's no such thing as being a 'maths person' or not. Maths ability is defined by our experiences, not our genes.  You can learn better numeracy skills because it's all about confidence. So you can help the children with their homework, get budgeting,  get that job or progress in the one you're in now. 


Why your views matter

The county council has been awarded £4m to support the right training and experiences you need to you get confident with numbers with an innovative new programme from the autumn.  

But it won't be like going back to school. As adults we can choose how and what we learn, and can expect it to fit around our lives. 

Now you can shape the fully-funded training you can go on by taking part in a short survey about how confident you are with numbers, what would help to inspire you to get learning and what would get in the way.

What happens next

We will use the results of this survey to help us plan support for adults to immprove their Maths and Numeracy skills


  • All Areas


  • Residents
  • Job Seekers
  • Asylum Seekers and refugees
  • Black and minority ethnic people
  • Carers
  • Older people
  • Parents, carers and guardians
  • People with disabilities
  • People with learning disabilities


  • Adult & Community Learning
  • Skills and Employability