Parking Buddies feedback

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Closes 31 Jan 2023


1. What is your School name and Postcode?
2. How did you hear about the Parking Buddies Campaign?
3. When did you receive the Parking Buddies?
4. Why did you request the Parking Buddies? (Select all that apply)
5. Did you have any of your own Parking Buddies previously?
6. What impact/benefit have the Parking Buddies made on your school location?
7. How many buddies did you receive?
8. Do you have enough Parking Buddies for your school location?
9. Which active travel initiatives does your school take part in?
10. What would you like to see the Active School Travel team do to help your school communicate with parents?
11 a. If you would like to receive more information on any of the initiatives that we offer please specify below.
11 b. Please provide your email address in regards to question 11a.
12. If you have any feedback not covered in the questions above, please use the space below to provide your comments.