On-Street Parking Strategy

Closed 4 Nov 2019

Opened 14 Oct 2019


Following feedback from Staffordshire residents and businesses we have made some changes to our On-Street Parking Strategy.  The main change is to the way we come to the decision of where to place any new on street parking schemes. Rather than making the decision ourselves, all future decisions will be community led.

We have removed the on-street pay and display section of the strategy and implemented a forward thinking community based section which we are keen to hear your views on. We want to ensure it meets the needs and requirements of our residents and businesses.

Why your views matter

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of the service we provide. Past consultations have provided important feedback as well as generating many useful ideas to make improvements to the service.

To ensure the strategy going forward assists with our public and business needs and requirements and allows all aspects to prosper please send us your comments.  All responses remain anonymous.



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