Digital Skills Check - Wider Workforce

Closed 27 Nov 2019

Opened 13 Nov 2019


About the survey

Digital skills are important, and today's technology supports smart working and effective working practices.

This skills analysis is designed for you to assess your skills in using software or equipment that are commonly used and needed to support high performing and healthy teams. The information you provide will help establish if there are any learning needs required to support you in completing your role effectively and any development opportunities for you to enhance the efficiency of your skills through the digital tools we have access to.

This skills analysis is for you to use when considering your own strengths and development needs and will enable you to review and plan your learning and development. This form should be shared with your line manager when discussing your requirements so learning can be supported.
You may find some useful information e-learning and user training/guides on the GO platform using the links below, (you may find it useful to right click the links and open the links in a new tab so you can refer to these while completing the survey) 

Office 365 

Smart Working

Firstly you will be rating your SKILLS on the following categories


Fully Competent to undertake skill with no assistance - on occasion may need to ask advice from professionals. Ability to mentor and teach others


Competent on understanding skill, may need to ask for expert advice


Understands skill but will need assistance

Basic Knowledge

I know of the skill but not comfortable working on skill alone

No Knowledge

I do not know the skill and wouldn’t know where to start

Not Required

I do not need to access this for my job role


You will then be asked questions about LEARNING 


No learning needed happy to help others

Would like to mentor and teach others

No learning needed happy functioning at this level

I know how to use this and can ask others or find a solution myself  

No learning needed 

I do not need this for my job role

Learning would benefit me in my role 

I would like to access learning to increase my skills level and this would be relevant to my role

Learning would benefit my personal development

I don’t need this for my job but would like to gain/develop this skill

You can start the survey and continue later, but you will need to make sure that everything has been answered on that page before saving. Once you have clicked submit you will not be able to complete the survey again or change any answers.

To help Learning and Development to effectively support your learning needs please be honest when selecting your answers. The responses to this survey will be used by the Learning and Development Team and the Digital Skills Team to help develop the learning offer to support your needs.

Why your views matter

Here are some FAQs that may help ahead of the survey
Q. Do I have to complete the survey?
A. We would like everyone to complete this survey so that we can commission the right learning offer to support the development of your skills. 

Q. Is the Digital Skills Check anonymous?
A. No, the survey will need to identify who has completed it for us to be able to facilitate the learning that will benefit your skills.

Q. How will the results of the Digital Skills Checker be used?
A. The results of the skills checker will be used at a Commissioner and Directorate level to inform the learning and development offer supported by the Learning and Development and Digital Skills teams.

Q. If I have development needs to do my job will this affect my performance rating?
A. No, this skills checker is being used to inform the learning and development needs across the organisation as part of SMART working to ensure that you have the digital skills needed.  You should share your results with your line manager so development needs and opportunities can be discussed.

Q. I have not managed to print or save my results
A. Please e-mail Learning and Development

What happens next

The responses to this survey will be used by the Learning and Development Team and the Digital Skills Team to help develop the learning offer to support your needs.


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