Reshaping Libraries Consultation

Closed 1 Apr 2018

Opened 8 Jan 2018


Have your say on the future of Staffordshire's county council managed libraries.

We want to work with communities to continue to transform libraries in Staffordshire so they can better support people now and for years to come.  We are proposing a number of ways this may happen and want to hear your views.

Over the last three years, Staffordshire's Library Service has changed considerably following consultation with library users, library staff and the wider public.

The way in which people are using libraries continues to change.  The internet, for example, makes it easier for people to access information or download books to read and increasingly people are doing this.

Consequently the 20 county council Managed and Delivered Libraries in Staffordshire must continue to evolve to meet people's changing needs and expectations.

We also need to make savings and find new ways of working.  The county council's income is reducing while demand for our key services, such as social care for the most vulnerable, continues to increase.

Why We Are Consulting

The purpose of this consultation was to hear your views and comments on our proposals for how the 20 county council Managed and Delivered Libraries could operate in the future.

We remain committed to keeping our libraries open and flexible and through this consultation we want to discuss our ideas with communities and individuals to find the best ways to do this within the budget we have available.

Our ideas do not represent sweeping changes to the library service, but they are suggestions that enable libraries to remain sustainable and relevant to people's lives into the future. 

Ideas include using technology to extend opening hours with an automated service, working with communities to increase the number of community managed libraries and reviewing how the mobile and travelling library service is used. 

The 12 week consultation has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who has completed the consultation forms.

By taking part in the consultation you have helped to shape the final proposals that will be considered by the county council's Cabinet in 2018. 

Further information and updates will be available as work on shaping the library services progresses.




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