Provision of social care for older people and adults with physical disabilities consultation

Closed 13 Dec 2016

Opened 4 Nov 2016


People in Staffordshire are living longer but not necessarily healthier lives, and as a result more and more people need NHS and social care services. 

To promote health and independence and continue to provide good quality services in the future, the NHS and social care services need to be joined up. Working together also helps to ensure that care remains affordable.

In April 2012, Staffordshire County Council (the county council) agreed that adult social care services for older people and for people with physical disabilities would be provided on its behalf by Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent NHS Partnership Trust (the Partnership Trust).

The services were transferred to the Partnership Trust in a formal process called a Section 75 Agreement.

This agreement has recently been reviewed and in the future, the county council and the Partnership Trust intend to create a new Section 75 Agreement where:

  • The Partnership Trust continues to provide assessment and case management, reablement and occupational therapy services for older people and people with physical disabilities.
  • Responsibility for buying long-term care packages and managing the budget for long-term care will return to the county council.

The consultation has now closed. 

Thank you to those who provided feedback.   

Your feedback will be used to inform a decision and the implementation of this. 


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