Consultation relating to Tamworth Youth Centre

Closes 25 May 2022

Opened 30 Mar 2022


Tamworth Youth Centre Fund (Charity Number 522734) own the property known as Tamworth Youth Centre, School Lane, Tamworth which is shown edged in red on the enclosed plan.

Staffordshire County Council is the sole trustee of the charity and holds the property on trust to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of persons under 25 years of age who are resident in the Borough of Tamworth and the surrounding district with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said persons.

Until 2015 the property was occupied by the youth service but after that ceased to exist there has been difficulty sourcing tenants and occupiers of the property who are able to use it in accordance with the charity’s objectives. Accordingly, options are being considered as to how these objectives could best be achieved with the assets available to the charity.

Further details regarding the options being considered and the consultation times frames are shown in the attached consultation letter 

If you wish to provide any representations on this consultation then please respond by the 25th May 2022 via the link below or in writing as detailed in the consultation letter

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