Rights of Way Consultation

Closed 25 Dec 2017

Opened 16 Oct 2017


Our stunning rural county boasts 4,500km of public footpaths and bridleways which are enjoyed by thousands of people every year.  Staffordshire County Council is responsible for working with landowners and others to keep these public rights of way open, safe and appealing for people to use and enjoy.

As the county council's income reduces, but demand for services such as adult social care continues to increase, we need to find savings and new ways of working in everything we do and a way to concentrate our resources where they are needed most.

We are therefore proposing new standards for how we maintain rights of way that focuses money and activity on those footpaths and bridleways which are important to our communities and for promoting tourism.

We also want to work with community groups and users to see how we can work together to keep open and maintain these important community assets.

Whilst this consultation is not about the amount of money that can be spent, this is a good opportunity for people who have a real passion for our rights of way to shape the future network in Staffordshire.

Through this consultation you can:

  • Help guide where the county council focuses its resources.
  • Help shape county council programmes to support volunteering across the rights of way network.
  • Help shape new ways to keep people better informed of progress if they have made a request for help or information.
  • Help guide where the community and users could play a bigger role.

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Rights of Way Consultation.  The consultation has now closed

The results of the consultation will be considered and incorporated into the final proposals which will be available in the next few months. 






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