Consultation on A to Z Guide to Planning Applications submitted to Staffordshire County Council

Closed 7 Jul 2017

Opened 16 Jun 2017


Updated planning application validation requirements

In accordance with the Government’s Planning Practice Guidance, a valid planning application must comply with national and local information requirements.  We first published our local requirements in an A to Z Guide and accompanying checklists in 2008 and have updated them on a number of occasions since then.

With this latest update we are following the 3 step process described in the Planning Practice Guidance by identifying the drivers for each requirement and now consulting on the changes before publishing the latest guide and checklists.

The changes include the addition of the latest drivers and removal of original requirements which are not relevant to the type of applications dealt with by the County Council e.g. Affordable Housing Statements and adding new requirements which are relevant e.g.  Construction Environmental Management Plan; County Development Statement; Minerals Development Statement; Surface Water Drainage Scheme / Strategy and Waste Development Statement.

Our current National and Local List of information requirements (together with validation forms and an A to Z Guide) will be replaced by the latest A to Z Guide and checklists below (see our A to Z of Planning – ‘V’ for Validation).

A to Z Planning Guide (Consultation draft - June 2017)

Validation Checklist 1 (Consultation draft June 2017)

Validation Checklist 2 (Consultation draft June 2017)

Validation Checklist 3 (Consultation draft June 2017)

Validation Checklist 4 (Consultation draft June 2017)

We would welcome any comments by email to before 5 pm on Friday 7th July 2017, however if you would like to discuss the updates before responding please contact Mike Grundy, Planning, Policy and Development Control on 01785 277297.


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