Special Educational Needs - Assessment and Additional Funding Consultation

Closed 13 Sep 2013

Opened 15 Jul 2013


A key element of the Special Educational Needs (SEN), Disability and Vulnerable Children's Framework is a proposal to review the processes and procedures in place in Staffordshire to identify and support children and young people with special educational needs.

There are proposals for:

  • the support schools and other services should offer
  • the role of District and County SEN Partnerships
  • criteria to access support

Why your views matter

In addition to consulting with local authority staff, public health colleagues, school academies, Entrust and PVI settings, parents are being asked how they feel about the changes being proposed to these services provided for families.

There is a need to change systems and processes in Special Educational Needs decision making and to update the criteria.  

Staffordshire County Council would be very grateful for your responses to the consultation questionnaire, proposals for changes to SEN District Panels and Criteria for Statutory Assessment and Additional Funding. 

You can submit your views and find out more information by clicking on the link below.  You are advised to refer to the accompanying information, in particular the document entitled 'Special Educational Needs - A Graduated Response,' before completing the questionnaire.   


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  • Parents and Families
  • Expert stakeholders
  • Parents, carers and guardians
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