Early Outcomes Fund Application

Closed 5 Jan 2019

Opened 17 Dec 2018


In November we were notified by DfE of their intent to encourage Local Authorities to bid for Early Outcomes Fund.

The DfE has established an Early Outcomes Fund worth approx. £6.5m. The overall ambition of the fund is to increase the number of local authorities starting a transformation journey to improve – and to build our knowledge of how to improve –  the collective operation of local services in securing good early language outcomes for children. 

The fund aims to achieve three key things:

• To increase leadership focus at local authority level on the key issue of early language. 

• To enable LAs to undertake work to improve their services and how they are delivered. 

• To resource evaluation and partnership working amongst LAs that will spread innovations around the wider system. 

To do this, the fund will support activity which will help more local authorities to either: 

a) kick-off and/or progress system change that addresses leadership, funding, commissioning, workforces, data, accountability and/or evaluation, with the ultimate aim of improving good early language outcomes in a local area; or 

b) assess and codify existing approaches to improvement which are thought to be effective and might be shared more widely.

To apply for this funding the DfE have asked us to work with partners to complete a self-assessment, this has been developed by the Early Intervention Foundation and as such this is where we need your help.

We have created an online survey and would appreciate your help cascading this to your teams so that we can get as many responses as possible to help us to form the self-assessment to ensure we are using the opportunity to bid for funding to focus on the right areas that the partnership have identified. 


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