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  • Consultation relating to Tamworth Youth Centre

    T amworth Youth Centre Fund (Charity Number 522734) own the property known as Tamworth Youth Centre, School Lane, Tamworth which is shown edged in red on the enclosed plan. Staffordshire County Council is the sole trustee of the charity and holds the property on trust to... More
    Closes 25 May 2022
  • Dignity in Care Awards 2022 - Nomination

    People across Staffordshire are being invited to nominate carers, work colleagues, young people, friends and family members for a prestigious award. The Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards recognises groups and individuals who care for or support the most vulnerable... More
    Closes 31 May 2022
  • Community Learning Service - Tutor Survey 2021/22

    Thank you for your work with Community Learning in 2021-22; we hope you find it rewarding. We are wanting to gather feedback on how you understand your role in delivering the Staffordshire County Council priorities, and how you are supported to do this. We want to gather... More
    Closes 31 May 2022
  • Numeracy survey

    It's National Numeracy Day on 18th May. We'd really like to get your views about your Maths and numeracy skills - to find out how we can help you! More
    Closes 30 June 2022
  • Voice Project mailing list

    If you are interested in hearing more about the work of the Voice Project including upcoming events, opportunities to be involved and results of recent consulation activity please sign up to our mailing list using the 'online survey' link in blue below. More
    Closes 31 August 2022
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Feedback Survey

    Guidance notes for completing the survey. There are 20 questions split over 3 sections: information about you/the child (this helps us to understand your situation to see if experiences differ for different situations) support provided (to understand... More
    Closes 3 October 2022
  • Capability Fund Post-activity Questionnaire

    INTO Cycling & Walking is funded by Staffordshire County Council. The training is delivered on our behalf by Cyclist Training Ltd and Shobnall Leisure Centre . This information will be extremely useful in helping us understand the impact on those who have taken part. These... More
    Closes 30 December 2022
  • CallBlockers Service Users

    Trading Standards has a number of call blockers that they loan out FREE of charge to vulnerable residents. A call blocker can stop up to 95% of unwanted nuisance and scam calls coming through to a vulnerable person. This simple hand-held device sits between your home phone and wall socket... More
    Closes 31 March 2023
  • Food Business Self-Assessments

    All food business within Staffordshire must be registered, Staffordshire Trading Standards are required by law to undertake risk-based interventions. Staffordshire Trading Standards are offering food business the option to self-assess to avoid a compliance visit. ... More
    Closes 31 March 2023
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