SCVYS - Community Safety Survey

Closed 24 May 2019

Opened 3 May 2019


SCVYS has been asked to undertake some research around Community Safety and Knife Crime (Youth Violence). We want to understand how people feel about the area they live in, particularly how safe and connected they feel. Specifically, we are interested in Knife Crime (Youth Violence) and whether as an issue it is growing.

We are interested in the views of everyone wherever they live in Staffordshire, as it helps us to provide a comparison between the different local areas in Staffordshire. This is why we ask for your postcode. We are particularly interested in the views of young people aged 11 – 25. This is why we ask for your age. Otherwise, taking the survey is entirely confidential, as no other personal data is requested.

The survey has now closed.  Thank you to all of you who responded.

The results will be published on the SCVYS website and shared with Community Safety partner organisations.


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