Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Feedback Survey

Closed 3 Oct 2022

Opened 24 May 2021


Guidance notes for completing the survey.

There are 20 questions split over 3 sections:

  1. information about you/the child (this helps us to understand your situation to see if experiences differ for different situations)
  2. support provided (to understand your experience)
  3. Communication

It’s important to us to be able to compare the views of different people involved in providing and receiving SEND support alongside each other, so this survey has been designed to be answered by anyone. To simplify the questions, they all refer to ‘you’ instead of listing out ‘your child’ or ‘the child or young person you are responding about/on behalf of’. Wherever it says ‘you’ this means the child or young person. Again, for simplicity reasons the questions refer to ‘school’ instead of listing childcare provider, school, academy, college or university. Please respond to these questions about the provision you attend.


All questions have a box to tick to make it quick to fill out with space provided under each for you to expand on your answer if you have more to tell us.


  • All Areas


  • Parents and Families
  • People with disabilities
  • People with learning disabilities


  • Children with Disabilities
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Families