Food Business Self-Assessments

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Closes 1 Apr 2099

Food Business Self Assessment

Your details
Business type
Types of products you sell or services you offer
Do you sell any pre-packed foods manufactured outside of the UK, for example American Candy, Confectionary from other countries, ready meals, spices, herbs etc.
Do you manufacture or pack any food products (including sandwiches)?
Do you import any ingredients directly into the UK to include in the manufacture of your products?
Where do you sell your products?
How do you sell?
Do you manufacture/prepare food on the premises to sell directly to the public?
Do you supply to other businesses for them to sell, such as retailers or catering premises?
If you are a home manufacturer, on average how many products do you produce per week?
Are you licensed to sell alcohol?
Do you check stock rotation on products marked ‘use by’ or ‘best before’?
What allergenic ingredients do you have on site?
Do you have allergen information available for the food that you sell?
What procedures do you have in place if someone asks you about allergens?
Do you use social media? e.g., Facebook to sell your product?
Do you have a documented food safety management system?
When was your last inspection by Environmental Health?
If you manufacture products on site, please provide an example of the labels attached to your manufactured products so that a check for compliance can be made.

*When submitting a label via email, please ensure that you identify your trading name and address.