Trading Standards Animal Health Satisfaction Survey 2013

Closed 21 Apr 2014

Opened 6 Aug 2013

Results updated 22 Apr 2014

Summary: To create a prosperous County where businesses can develop and grow by providing advice and guidance to Staffordshire businesses to enable compliance with trading standards legislation and to provide protection for the residents of Staffordshire to ensure a safe, healthy and financially secure environment.

Business Satisfaction: Respondents said they were satisfied with the service (91%) and felt they had been treated fairly & transparently.

Respondents said they were satisfied with the overall level of service (95%), they agreed that we made it clear what they needed to do (45%) and provided information in a timely manner (68%).

Respondents were aware of the Animal Health team before contacted us (85%). The majority of rural businesses showed they had been keeping livestock for more than 10 years (81%).

Telephone Compliance Checks: Local business showed telephone compliance checks were ‘Not applicable’ as a main point of contact with our team (43%) the majority of contact via telephone was to ‘Request movement form/books’ (42%).

Inspection Visits: Local business showed a preference to inspection visits (52%). They felt visits were valuable and enabled them to be present (60%), useful and helpful as they allowed them to meet Animal Health and welfare laws (46%).

Visits also gave them confidence in doing what was required of them (48%) and they were less of a burden allowing them time to plan their work (53%).

Guidance, Advice & Information: The 3 most popular points of contact were used on an ‘occasional’ basis were:

  1. Private vets
  2. Staffordshire County Council
  3. DEFRA 

The majority of respondents (51%) weren’t aware that Animal Health provided free advice, but those that had rated advice as being ‘very useful & fairly useful’ (79%).

Respondents showed they didn’t use the internet (62%) for advice.

Accessibility: We asked respondents which 3 services were most important or in need of improvement. Overall 95% of respondents felt all services listed were important however the 3 most important services were:

  1. Advice is free of charge
  2. Being treated fairly
  3. Accessibility of the service    


Staffordshire County Council's Animal Health carry out activities that promote humane treatment of farm livestock and that help to maintain a disease free status within county of Staffordshire. Our team of dedicated officers are on hand to assist and advise all livestock keepers helping them to comply with their statutory obligations.

The following list incorporates our main service areas:

We also provide free movement documentation, record and guidance books and information leaflets.

Why your views matter

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of the service provided. Past surveys have provided important feedback regarding performance as well as generating many useful ideas to make improvements to the service, all responses remain anonymous

This survey was sent every month to randomly selected rural businesses who had received an inspection from the Animal Health team.


  • Cannock Chase
  • East Staffordshire
  • Lichfield area
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme area
  • South Staffordshire
  • Stafford area
  • Staffordshire Moorlands
  • Tamworth area


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