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Open Consultations

  • Voice Project mailing list

    If you are interested in hearing more about the work of the Voice Project including upcoming events, opportunities to be involved and results of recent consulation activity please sign up to our mailing list using the 'online survey' link in blue below. More

    Closes 31 August 2022

  • Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Survey 2022

    The Health and Wellbeing Board in Staffordshire have produced a draft local Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA), which will help ensure residents have good access to local pharmacy services. The PNA looks at the current provision of pharmaceutical services across Staffordshire and whether... More

    Closes 5 September 2022

  • Staffordshire Community Learning Procurement pre-tender consultation

    This consultation is part of our pre-tender market engagement to consult with local organisations about Staffordshire Community Learning’s ambitions for the next 4 years. Our current framework expires on 31 st July 2023. We are now seeking the views of local stakeholders to help shape... More

    Closes 30 September 2022

  • Community Learning Service - Provider Feedback 2021-22

    Thank you for your work with Community Learning over the last academic year; we hope you have found it rewarding. Your feedback from this quick survey will contribute to our 2021-22 self-assessment report. We will aim to resolve any issues or questions you might raise in your... More

    Closes 30 September 2022

  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Feedback Survey

    Guidance notes for completing the survey. There are 20 questions split over 3 sections: information about you/the child (this helps us to understand your situation to see if experiences differ for different situations) support provided (to understand... More

    Closes 3 October 2022

Closed Consultations

  • Staffordshire Future Social Care Workforce Strategy - Social Care Workforce Survey

    This survey is aimed at any individual currently working in social care, or interested in a career in social care. A separate survey is available if you are an organisation wanting to give your views: In Staffordshire, we... More

    Closed 6 July 2022

  • Staffordshire Future Social Care Workforce Strategy - Organisation Survey

    Do you employ social care staff?  Tell us what you think to build a resilient workforce. During the pandemic, the vital role that our adult and children’s social care workforce has in our community has been more evident than ever. As is the case across the country (including... More

    Closed 6 July 2022

  • Shape the numeracy skills of the future

    When employees’ numeracy skills improve, everyone wins. Employees have greater job satisfaction, understand what’s going on and are far more likely to take on a challenge. It leads to improved customer relations and communication, internal promotion and greater output. From... More

    Closed 30 June 2022

  • Community Learning Service - Tutor and Staff Survey 2021/22

    Thank you for your work with Community Learning in 2021-22; we hope you find it rewarding. We are wanting to gather feedback on how you understand your role in delivering the Staffordshire County Council priorities, and how you are supported to do this. We want to gather... More

    Closed 30 June 2022

  • Numeracy survey

    You're not alone if you hate maths or think you're not 'a maths person'. 49% of adults feel the same! But actually there's no such thing as being a 'maths person' or not. Maths ability is defined by our experiences, not our genes. You can learn better numeracy skills... More

    Closed 30 June 2022