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Open Consultations

  • Numeracy survey

    You're not alone if you hate maths or think you're not 'a maths person'. 49% of adults feel the same! But actually there's no such thing as being a 'maths person' or not. Maths ability is defined by our experiences, not our genes. You can learn better numeracy skills... More

    Closes 30 June 2022

  • Community Learning Service - Tutor Survey 2021/22

    Thank you for your work with Community Learning in 2021-22; we hope you find it rewarding. We are wanting to gather feedback on how you understand your role in delivering the Staffordshire County Council priorities, and how you are supported to do this. We want to gather... More

    Closes 30 June 2022

  • Shape the numeracy skills of the future

    When employees’ numeracy skills improve, everyone wins. Employees have greater job satisfaction, understand what’s going on and are far more likely to take on a challenge. It leads to improved customer relations and communication, internal promotion and greater output. From... More

    Closes 30 June 2022

  • Staffordshire Future Social Care Workforce Strategy - Organisation Survey

    Do you employ social care staff?  Tell us what you think to build a resilient workforce. During the pandemic, the vital role that our adult and children’s social care workforce has in our community has been more evident than ever. As is the case across the country (including... More

    Closes 6 July 2022

  • Staffordshire Future Social Care Workforce Strategy - Social Care Workforce Survey

    This survey is aimed at any individual currently working in social care, or interested in a career in social care. A separate survey is available if you are an organisation wanting to give your views: In Staffordshire, we... More

    Closes 6 July 2022

Forthcoming Consultations

Closed Consultations

  • Dignity in Care Awards 2022 - Nomination

    People across Staffordshire are being invited to nominate carers, work colleagues, young people, friends and family members for a prestigious award. The Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards recognises groups and individuals who care for or support the most vulnerable... More

    Closed 5 June 2022

  • Consultation relating to Tamworth Youth Centre

    T amworth Youth Centre Fund (Charity Number 522734) own the property known as Tamworth Youth Centre, School Lane, Tamworth which is shown edged in red on the enclosed plan. Staffordshire County Council is the sole trustee of the charity and holds the property on trust to... More

    Closed 25 May 2022

  • Staffordshire Connects consultation survey

    Staffordshire Connects is an online health and social care community directory provided by Staffordshire County Council. The website brings together: Community services and groups for adults to access Community services and groups for children and families including childcare... More

    Closed 20 May 2022

  • Supported Living Recommissioning Summary

    Following a review of the current commissioning arrangements for Supported Living services in Staffordshire, supported by intelligence gathered from provider feedback and a formal provider survey, a report was presented to Cabinet in January 2022. An options appraisal was undertaken which... More

    Closed 10 May 2022

  • Supporting Staffordshire Residents To Live A Healthy Life Survey

    This survey is being carried out by Staffordshire County Council to: understand the experiences of service users’ who have used the Everyone Health Staffordshire Service. understand how the new healthy lifestyle service can meet the needs of... More

    Closed 2 May 2022